Wedding Planning Tips For Introverts of the best things to do when youre planning a wedding is to seek out weddings that are like yours and bask in them.

Planning a wedding when you’re a classic introvert is a bit terrifying. All those people, all day, wanting to chat to you… Even if they’re your favourite people, your introverted nature probably means you’re wondering just when you might get five minutes to yourself for a breather.

Carl Jung, the psychiatrist who created the concept of introverts and extraverts defines introversion as “being characterised by an inward flowing of personal energy”. Introverts are “usually happy alone with a rich imagination and they prefer reflection to action”.

Your wedding is all about you and you don’t need to have a whole load of wedding traditions just for the sake of having them. Work out what’s important to you.

Planning a wedding often involves detailed planning to ensure that nothing goes wrong.


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