Plan Your Wedding on a Budget with these Five Tips a wedding can make finding the person who you want to spend the rest of your life with seem like the easy part.

We all know how expensive planning a wedding can be, but there’s no need to go into debt over it! Instead, set yourselves up for success by considering your wedding budget early, planning strategically, and keeping an eye on your finances—all while making sure your biggest priorities are accounted for. And of course you’ll want a little extra available when it’s all said and done for your dream honeymoon!

1. Start DreamingBefore you talk money, sit down with your partner and imagine your dream wedding. Is there a venue or location you love? Would you rather have a seated dinner or an energetic cocktail reception? Will a band or a DJ bring everyone to the dance floor? And don’t forget to think about your honeymoon! Write down the things that are most important, then keep them in mind as you start to plan your budget.

You’ll see that planning a wedding is simply a matter of getting organized.


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