In addition to being a special event facility, Flying Cloud houses a first class equestrian center. We board horses in our pastures and are surrounded by training centers.  You will often see people on horse back walking next to the roads leading to our facility.  We have a 22,000 square foot arena where we host clinics with world renowned horse trainers, and provide equestrian exhibitions for our event guests.

If you are looking for a venue to host an equestrian clinic or event, please see our page on the arena rental. We host Equinology seminars (certification classes for equine massage therapists among other topics) on a regular basis. Our next clinic will be a joint pilates and dressage clinic on October 1 taught by pilates instructor Abby Hanc and dressage trainer Laine Muir-French. Email us for more information.

We find that the events and the horses compliment each other nicely: the event guests are enchanted by looking through the windows into the covered arena (our “equestrian aquarium”), and watching beautiful horses schooling. Having the events here allows riders to school in front of an audience, and also provides an opportunity to perform exhibitions: a perfect marriage!