Five Things To Do When You Become Engaged

Planning a wedding can make finding the person who you want to spend the rest of your life with seem like the easy part.

Don’t let the idea of wedding planning intimidate you. Start off easy by tackling these simple tasks.

Wedding Planning Tips for Grooms

When it comes to planning a wedding, some grooms may feel left out of the planning as the bride tends to most of the details. But a wedding day is also an important day for the groom and it’s important the day reflects his interests as well.

California’s Top 25 Wines

The California wine universe is too huge and daunting to cover comprehensively. It’s foolish for anyone, even those with much more experience, a bigger travel budget and more tasting time than me, to make sweeping conclusions about the latest trends taking place in the roughly 130 designated viticultural areas of this vast and grape-crazy state.